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1. By completing the membership form, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the following agreement. Once you have submitted the join form, you have become a 'member'. The following terms and conditions can be changed at the discretion of the administrators of this web site. It is the responsibility of 'members' to refer to this page from time to time to inform themselves of any amendments which may have been made.
2. This web site is designed and intended solely for adults or persons who are considered legal adults in the jurisdiction in which they reside. To view the contents of this site you must at least 18 years old. The site is intended solely for persons who are interested in and wish to have access to erotically stimulating materials of a sexually explicit nature. The site contains visual images, verbal descriptions and audio sounds of a sexually explicit and erotic nature.
3. By completing the membership form, you are making the following statements: "Under penalty of perjury, I swear/affirm that as of this moment, I am an adult, at least 18 years of age, and of legal age in my area of residence." "I promise that I will not permit any person(s) under 18 years of age to have access to any of the materials contained within this site." "I understand that when I gain access to this site, I will be exposed to visual images, verbal descriptions and audio sounds of a sexually explicit and frankly erotic nature, which may include graphic visual depictions and descriptions of nudity and sexual activity. I am voluntarily choosing to do so, because I want to view, read and/or hear the various materials which are available for my own personal enjoyment, information and/or education. My choice is a manifestation of my interest in sexual matters, which is both healthy and normal and which, in my experience, is generally shared by the average adult in my community. I am familiar with the standards in my community regarding the acceptance of such sexually oriented materials, and the materials I expect to encounter are within those standards. In my judgment, the average adult in my community accepts the consumption of such materials by consenting adults in circumstances such as those, which obtain for a 'member'. I agree that this web-site has taken reasonable steps in order to insulate minors and unconsenting adults from exposure to the materials contained therein and that this material will not be found to appeal to a prurient interest or to be patently offensive to the prevailing standards of my community."
4. 'Members' are responsible for paying periodic membership fees in accordance with the fee plans presented below.
Fee Plan:
Join by Credit Card : 9.95 for 3 days
Join by Credit Card : 29.95 for 30 days
Join by Credit Card: 59.95 for 90 days
5. All membership fees will be automatically billed against the member's credit card number or bank account, which the 'member' provided on the sign-up form. Members who have initially selected the 30 day plan, will be automatically renewed at 29.95 per 30 days unless a cancellation request has been received by the administrators of this web site prior to the end of the three day trial period. Memberships purchased by credit card are automatically renewed every 30 days.
6. Members may cancel their subscription at any time. It is incumbent upon the member to provide all necessary details when cancelling, we cannot process incomplete cancellation requests. Cancellations are effective immediately, however members will be able to access the site for the remainder of the current billing period.
7. The cost of renewal will not exceed the subscription cost at the time of the member's initial subscription. Cost of renewal will not be affected by any increase in this site's subscription rates.
8. A member's username and password must not be distributed to others. Doing so will result in the members immediate suspension. This site, under law, must hold the member liable for any unauthorized breach of membership resulting from their actions.
9. Memberships are not transferable
10. The administrators of this site have the right to refuse membership to any individual and have the right to cancel any membership unilaterally and without prior notification or warning.
11. Members are responsible for providing the administrators of this site with notification of new credit card details for continued billing purposes once their card has expired.
12. Members are responsible for providing all necessary equipment and software to gain access to this site.
13. Any liability of this site, without limitation and under any course of action, will be limited to the amount paid by a member for the preceding 12 months. Some countries, states, and territories do not allow claims to be limited to exclude incidental damages in such cases the above may not apply.
14. 'Members' contributions are deemed to be assigned to the owners of this web site once the contributed material has been received.
15. All information transmitted via email is deemed public domain material
16. Without limitation, this site does not offer any warranty to any aspect of the service be it a service provided directly by this site or a third-party source.
17. This Agreement in its entirety contains the entire agreement between the member and this web site. The Agreement shall be governed by Latvian law and international laws.
18. Refunds may be issued in cases where access to the Website is impossible and/or hindered due to technical issues on the Website's side. All refund requests must be sent through the support email bucksportal@gmail.com
19. To remove or delete content contact us bucksportal@gmail.com
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